Marta Vallejo Arenaz Background

Marta Vallejo Arenaz holds a Communication Sciences Degree from the University of Navarra, Spain; a Diploma on Integrated Marketing Communications (London School of Public Relations, UK), and a Bachelors Degree in Law (UNED, Spain). She is the CEO and Project Manager of Granta Consulting.

She has a broad professional expertise in media and institutional communication. She is also part of the consultants group of Blanco & White.

She began her successful career at the Sports Area of Heraldo de Aragón, one of the main newspapers in Spain, being awarded by the Press Association for her Innovation in the treatment of information (1988).

Shortly after, he was hired by the Government of Aragón, Spain, as Director of Communications of the Candidacy of Jaca to the 1998 Winter Olympics. Her relevant actions promoting the bid among the IOC Members made her receive a special mention of the former IOC president, Mr Juan Antonio Samaranch, at the IOC General Assembly held in Tokyo (1990).

She held also the position of Director of Communications of the General Commissioner Office at the International Expo 2008.

Member of the Panel of Experts of the International Association for Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, she has developed outstanding Place Branding Projects, as the Strategic Communications and Branding Plan of the Republic of Angola (2010).

Consultant to International Organizations, she carried out the Strategic Communications and Lobby Plan of the Madrid City Council for its presence at the Shanghai 2010 Expo, as well as the Communications Plan of El Greco 2014.


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