Obama, four years later

As any other one, by autumn 2007, I felt Hillary Clinton was the one to take the victory to become the Democrat candidate to the White House. Shortly after, I discovered Obama´s communication power.

Two years after that, he got a significant defeat in the Olympic nomination. Couldn’t anyone have warned him about the reasons that determine an IOC member´s vote? Anyway, as Chicago was the bidding city, he and Mrs Obama did not have any other chance. They had to. Otherwise, it would have been even worse.

Today, four years after his arrival to the top, I must confess I am disappointed, as far as I thought those brilliant communication skills meant a strong ability to deal with the world (yes, the whole world) in such difficult and delicate moment.

Things have changed a lot. Obama does not happen to be the mighty leader he seemed to be. Although he is, by far, the best communicator of all possible candidates, his oratorical skills have not been backed by a real management of the, overall, social situation.

And, for the last 3 months, my disappointment was daily fed receiving Obama´s tweets. Yes, I decided to follow him on twitter, in the hope I would follow an american presidential campaign and do it very close, even having the opportunity to take part from my mobile phone.

What I have been receiving are dozens of tweets like “donate even 5 dollars”, “donate and share a dinner with the President”,… No more persuading messages to keep me believing in his communication power.

I assume twitter is not the perfect stage to manage a convincing speech. And I also assume I am not American. Both assumptions must hide the reason I felt such disappointment.

US brand suffered a lot under George W. Bush. America was no longer admired as it has been for decades. And Obama meant a new air to recover that, both inside and outside the States.

Obama changed that bad perception in some months and America seemed to be back, meaning by America the Land of opportunities, Land of freedom, and the American Dream itself… Four years later, I miss that persuader that made everyone think things would be better. But he still has the advantage of his communication skills, by far the best of all those of American politicians. Just got to the starting point…



Speeches: Branding words

JFKSpeechAmong the multiple tools a country can use in her way to reach a solid brand, we find a particular one: official speeches. So different from most of the rest of the tools, speeches have a different role, a different moment, time, impact and, what is more remarkable, a different audience. But they play both home and away.

Branding with language, impact caused by a particular speech can drill really deep, last a short time, a medium period or, even, become an icon of the branding history of a country.

“Ich bin ein Berliner”, shouted JFK´s speech in Berlin. And it soon became a visual and sound symbol of an era.

The audience he targeted -International Public Opinion- was quite different from the one Obama was aiming at when delivering his memorable speech in Chicago right after his victory.

Speeches are very significant actors for Country Branding. I will add in this blog´s archive the best speeches I have ever heard or read. All of them have a very special meaning, regarding the moment in which they were delivered. And all of those selected and posted here have an exquisite language management: that´s the secret of their impact and success.