Russian way of branding vs Soft Power

Does Russia has a Branding Strategy? The image of this powerful country in the common imaginary is rather clear and has little to do with what we see a Country Brand. Russia may have a plan to disseminate his ideas in the same way they used to several decades ago. They appear to be living in a new cold war, but in an asymmetric way: developed countries design their Branding Strategic Plans with common coordinates, but Russia has not been able to overcome the concept of propaganda.

If we flew back to the 60s, we would find no major differences in what Russia is doing today and what she did then. Only tools would essentially change.

We cannot forget the brutal social change that Russia had to face since 1989, forced to an almost one step evolution, without a process that allowed its population and structures to assimilate their new scenario.

We can conclude that Russia has no Brand in the terms of modern Branding; its propaganda has been working in a wrong place and when trying to act within its limits, they have failed. Their interference in others´ home affairs (US and France presidential elections, among others), their state-sponsored doping programme…, a way of acting in which traps are a fundamental weapon… together with its iron hand against the rights of gays… have not helped to soften its reputation in the world. We can say that Russia has a highly recognizable image, but not precisely a good one.

Related article: Professor Nye details Russia Information Warfare in this interesting article.


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