Into a Bonfire of the Vanities

For many, and strong reasons, communication is now more necessary than ever. The absolute lack of essential messages in the global society is driving us to a mortal emptiness. Mortal because it kills the nature of human being. Emptiness because we can surf the world and find nothing that leads us to any worthy place (understanding worthy as real and human).

I am sure I am not the only one that feels that we, the world, are wandering and wasting a precious time. Communication is life, as it is what links one to another. We should be aware of the huge potential we have now to boost those links. The World has suffered deep moments of crisis of all types, and it has overcome them without the tools we now have at our disposal.

Look at the World now. We are in the Global Village and we use it to destroy, disagree, disgust… The new means of Communication are misunderstood, managed by pseudo-leaders, driven by their own vanity. All this has thrown society into a devastating Bonfire of Vanities.

I used to write in a newspaper and I learned that the more you listen to your vanity, the less you serve the truth. Many, too many, people are convinced that Twitter, Instagram… is not a way, but The Place.

I am not entering the topic of the lack of real, personal, communication through the social networks. They are really incredible if they fulfill their role in our society, but vanity has infected them. And, remember, as vanity increases, truth decreases…

Truth understood as a real message: communication, debate, progress, and never a permanent battle for the power, be it the power 2.0 or any other.

World is struggling against vanities, and not taking the responsibility of this momentum. I feel we are immerse in a strong global revolution, comparable in consequences to the Industrial Revolution. This moment will change the World definitely, and we should say it is in our hands to take the right way. But it is not so clear that it is up to us, as we are no more us but a Babel Tower of vanities -at all means and levels- without a converging point.

We feel wars are far from us. We do not feel others´suffer as we should feel with all these instant and global communications means we now have. Social media make us to position ourselves in one side or its opposite. USA-Iraq-Siria-Daesh-Russia-Alepo-Refugees-Europe-Terrorism-Trump-Mexico-Venezuela-Riots… How many -and so different- phrases will us be able to compose with this chain?

Millions of compositions that showcase how messages, communication, are invaded by the vanities of anyone who takes part (fighting, telling, communicating…).


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