Spain´s brand returns

I am happy to see that my perceptions about the current value of Spain´s Brand converge with the last Nation Brand 100 results carried out by Brand Finance. Although I am not enthusiastic about Nation Brand Rankings, it is quite interesting to read the conclusions reached by this report about Spain´s Brand.

The current social and economic situation the country is suffering has been reflected in the perception the world has of it. But not in the depth one should predict. In my post about this specific fact, I explained why the brand of Spain has not suffered in a proportional way all those news about debt, crisis and unemployment. And the report agrees with my perception, drawing the numbers: from 2009 to 2011, the value of the brand of Spain felt 37,8% (from 950.820€ million to 591.001€ million), but recovering a 25% of its value in 2011.

The report highlights the fact that Spain managed to stop its fall and even improved its results in key areas, such as investments, while those related to people, services and tourism also rated better, getting some more points.

What we can conclude is that the brand of Spain has a solid core.



One thought on “Spain´s brand returns

  1. Another conclusion would be that place and brand images tend to be stable, not prone to fast changes. I don’t think media coverage of Spain has changed drastically, and those who consider it as a tourist destination foremost, like many in middle or northern Europe, don’t expect it to be a reliable, functional, efficient country (at least not to the extent to which they’d expect this from Switzerland or Germany). What do you think?

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