As they came, they faded away

Not too many months ago, we were used to hear about many cities´  branding campaigns that pretended to be the gateway to a world of prosperity for those places that were “visionary” to take that way.

Personally, I have never believed in those pseudo-branding campaigns that ended in a slogan and a logo, launched in expensive events that had hundred of reasons to adore the budget invested and to have the firm conviction it would work.

Work? I have always wondered what was really to achieve with those campaigns. I have no doubt those expensive campaigns, touristic and little more, led nowhere. And facts have shown me I was suspecting right.

Local governors have a peculiar sense of power when it comes to this kind of things. They should see what is branding about before buying a several hundred thousand “project” to launch their city internationally.

I am very worried about the lack of creativeness and innovation we see everywhere. The easy is to dazzle a local governor telling about big slogans and fantastic logos. Let´s forget the standardized things, the texts that “match any plan”, the (in 3 words) copy-and-paste projects that just change the name of the city.

To me, those things have never been branding projects. Branding is about a very different challenge: it is about thinking every single place is a singular one, as their people are, about surfing into creativeness -which requires real effort-, innovation and commitment.


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