Speeches: Branding words

JFKSpeechAmong the multiple tools a country can use in her way to reach a solid brand, we find a particular one: official speeches. So different from most of the rest of the tools, speeches have a different role, a different moment, time, impact and, what is more remarkable, a different audience. But they play both home and away.

Branding with language, impact caused by a particular speech can drill really deep, last a short time, a medium period or, even, become an icon of the branding history of a country.

“Ich bin ein Berliner”, shouted JFK´s speech in Berlin. And it soon became a visual and sound symbol of an era.

The audience he targeted -International Public Opinion- was quite different from the one Obama was aiming at when delivering his memorable speech in Chicago right after his victory.

Speeches are very significant actors for Country Branding. I will add in this blog´s archive the best speeches I have ever heard or read. All of them have a very special meaning, regarding the moment in which they were delivered. And all of those selected and posted here have an exquisite language management: that´s the secret of their impact and success.


2 thoughts on “Speeches: Branding words

  1. Great strategists are great speechers. Just go through a prime minister´s speech and you will find many clues.

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