Surfing the world of Country Branding

Granta Consulting Place BrandingI am passionate about Country Branding and I do really enjoy all the articles and books I read about it. While I have to admit there are some actions really effective when branding a country, many other do nothing to reach it.

Personally, I think there is a lack of innovation, creativeness and enthusiasm when working a Branding Plan for a country. Every single country has a Blue Ocean to surf within.

Innovation means bringing new ideas and actions. Maybe these already existed in another area. But the crucial fact to succeed is to be creative enough to bring them to our Branding Strategic Communication Plan. We will then innovate.

I could write a book about enthusiasm, a crucial pillar to succeed.

I have gone through many projects carried out by big consultancies… no news about enthusiasm.

Simon Anholt, international expert on Place Branding, writes about this in one of his books: He remarks that the difference between Communicating and Communicating with enthusiasm is infection. And I do absolutely agree. If your message does not infect, it does not communicate properly.

Marta Vallejo Arenaz


2 thoughts on “Surfing the world of Country Branding

  1. Congrats for your blog. Really interesting to read about Place Branding. I participated in a Forum you organized about this issue and since then I am passionate about this matter and how countries use the Soft Power. I will follow you here.

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